Are you making the most of your social media presence?

The average person spends about 2 hours on Facebook and other social networking sites each day. Social media activity now accounts for 30% of all internet usage.

It should then come as no surprise that social media marketing is essential for any business. Television, radio, and print advertising are being replaced by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What does this mean for your business? The need for a strong social media presence.

Whether you own a brick and mortar store or an online storefront, social media is crucial to your success. This includes the posting of helpful, quality content, responding to comments, and integrating social media as a core part of your marketing and advertising.

As with most aspects of business, there comes a time when outsourcing these tasks could be more effective. A social media agency can help.

Here are 5 remarkable reasons to consider hiring a social media manager:

#1 – Connect with a Larger Target Audience

Over two-thirds of all US adults use Facebook. Nearly a third use Instagram. Those are significant portions of the population – and your potential customers.

Social media provides a way to connect with a larger audience than through any other marketing channel. This applies across every key demographic, including senior citizens.

Reaching a specific group is not always easy. A social media agency can help you identify the interests and needs of your target audience. While reaching a larger market, you’ll also be able to further promote your brand.

#2 – Increase Your Brand Recognition

A social media agency will utilize all top-performing social media platforms to help spread brand awareness. In addition to Facebook, this might include Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Allowing one individual or agency to handle your social marketing helps you deliver a consistent message across each platform, which is vital for brand recognition.

#3 – Maintain a Regular Social Media Posting Schedule

By identifying the interests of your target audience, you can build brand loyalty. But, you also need to keep supplying new posts and content. You need to continue engaging your audience.

This requires you to know the best times of the day and the week to reach your audience. You also need to stick to a regular posting schedule. Again, these are areas where a social media agency can be invaluable.

#4 – Become More Competitive in Your Industry

Competition is an obstacle that every business must face. Hiring an agency helps you market your brand and effectively deal with this competition.

They can help highlight the strengths of your products or services through informative posts. These benefits place you on even ground with other businesses in your industry.

#5 – Set, Meet, and Exceed Your Goals

You might not have the time to post every day or retweet, share, and like other posts. But, this consistency is necessary to reach your goals.

With clearly defined goals and expectations, your social media team can focus on helping you meet and exceed them.

You’re more likely to reach certain milestones in less time. This could include reaching a specific follower count, likes, or retweets.

By reviewing those advantages, it’s easy to see the value of working with a social media manager. But, how do you know if it’s the right time to hire someone to handle your online presence?

Take a moment to ask yourself a few basic questions…

Can I Handle My Own Social Media Marketing?

When you first get involved in online marketing, it helps to try things out for yourself.

You learn more about how marketing works. You begin to understand what your target audience likes and how best to connect with them.

If you have no idea where to begin, a social media manager is a great place to start. But, for those that think they can handle it on their own, ask yourself this next question…

Is My Time Better Spent on Other Business Tasks?

Working with someone else to continue growing your social media presence frees you to perform other business operations.

Along with this freedom, working with a social media agency brings the previously discussed advantages. You gain the expertise of someone that can help your business grow.

The only real question that tends to stop businesses from seeking this help is the question of money…

Can I Afford to Outsource Social Media Management?

For most small businesses, the immediate answer is “no”. But, you need to factor in the potential for new leads and the extra time that you’ll have for other aspects of your business.

Also, the cost may surprise you. You’re not hiring a full-time employee. You don’t need to deal with benefits and overtime. You’re simply outsourcing a component of your marketing and advertising.

In the end, every business is different. One thing they all have in common is the need for a strong social media presence.

If you want to devote more time to what matters, while continuing to grow a loyal customer base, a social media manager is ready to help.

Health & Wellness Media specializes in helping local businesses reach their target audience. We can assist in coming up with the most effective social media strategy in a way that reflects your values, goals, and brand.

Contact us today to grow your online presence!

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